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Restaurant TRI SESIRA (Three Hats)


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World food atlas “Taste Atlas” published a list of the 100 best traditional dishes of restaurants and cuisines in the world for 2021. Famous Belgrade restaurant in bohemian quarter of Skadarlija “Tri sesira” (Three Hats) is on the fifth place of the best traditional restaurants in the world. This is a list of world's most reliable and consistent iconic restaurants serving local food, with heritage recipes perfected and proven for generations.
Restaurant lists are compiled based on the number of years of existence, status, reviews of food critics and tourist guides, the popularity of the dishes served and the ratings of visitors. Tri sesira restaurant is rated as one of the most authentic restaurants in Belgrade.
It is one of the oldest in Skadarlija, opened in 1864., in a house that had previously housed a craft workshop, whose trademark were three tin hats. In 1901. when was ruined restaurant Dardaneli which was meeting place of Belgrade’s bohemians, the Belgrade night life was moved into Skadarlija and restaurant Tri sesira. Many famous artists and writers wrote and sang in this tavern. More recently, the restaurant has hosted King Juan Carlos, George Bush, Willie Brant and many others.
Of the recommended dishes on the list were Karadjordje’s Schnitzel (a traditional Serbian dish consisting of veal or pork cutlet that is filled with kaymak, then rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in hot oil), pljeskavica (a Serbian national dish also known as the Serbian hamburger, is a flat, round patty made from minced beef, pork, and veal, or a combination of the three, with the addition of selected seasonings such as paprika, salt and pepper), ayvar (traditional peppers-and-eggplant relish is one of the most popular condiments all over the Balkans and Eastern