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You certainly don't know which Hollywood movies were made in Serbia?


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Numerous famous Hollywood personalities walked the streets of the capital of Serbia, as well as film crews who tried to turn the capital of Serbia – Belgrade into Paris, Barcelona, ​​New York ...

Coriolanus was filmed in Belgrade.

Ibiza was filmed also in Belgrade on Studentski Square in the city center, as well as on New Belgrade.

Papillon was filmed in Serbia and Montenegro.

Film Anna, The November Man, The white crow, The Forest all were filmed in Serbia, as well as, Brothers Bloom, District 13: Ultimatum, Templar: Blood for blood, The Machine, Slotherhouse, The Ledge, The Raven. Australian film “You won’t be alone” was completely filmed in Serbia.

The latest Indian spectacle, Uri, shown in more than 2,000 cinemas, in addition to breaking Bollywood records, was completely filmed in Serbia.