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Drvengrad (Woodencity), also known as Kustendorf and Mecavnik, is a traditional village that the famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica built for his film “Life is a Miracle”. It is located near the village of Mokra Gora in Western Serbia.

Kusturica was the 2005. Recipient of the Philippe Rotthier European Architecture Award.

Right now Woodencity or Mecavnik was declared as Best Tourism Village by UNWTO in 2021.

Since 2008., the village hosts the annual Kustendorf Film and Music Festival, which showcases films and music from all around the world.

The famous Woodencity was made from the wood from Tara, Zlatibor and Sargan Mountains on the top of the Mecavnik Hill. Now it is the unique touristic and artistic settlement in the middle of the wonderful intact nature of the breathtaking Tara National Park – Mokra Gora Nature Reserve. The construction of tourist settlement, 4 stars complex, followed the idea of a perfect life beyond everyday routine, abandoned into the magic of nature and the call of tradition.

It is perfect location to visit numerous touristic attractions such as Sharghan Eight Train, Natural Reserve Tara, Perucac Lake, Zlatibor….