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About Us

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The name of the agency Hedonic Travel is showing the real meaning of the word hedonism. Hedonism has its philosophical roots as far back as Plato and Socrates. Hedonism is based not on a life of untamed appetites, but on moderate pleasures and respect for others. If we think of hedonism as the intentional savoring of simple pleasure – like playing in fallen leaves, moments of connection with friends, or cuddling the dog – then it probably is. Seeking and maximizing these kinds of pleasures can boost our health and well-being.

Our agency is showing to the clients the way of life, to enjoy in every minute of it with no suffer and pain. As the Aristip, one of Socrat students claimed, people could live only at the present time and that is a reason you should enjoy and live as every day is the last one. Our agency could organize you a journey to remember….full of joy and happiness, will teach you to respect the quality of life and enjoy both the simple and luxury things, even in a small one every day things you always forgot. We will introduce you a new way of life, with us you will learn about different cultures, try new food, relax, be happy just because of a sunny day….., to be involved in life of local people, to be romantic, dreamer, explorer, cosmopolitan.

So,  let start our dream together! Just join us!

Serbia is waiting for YOU!

Let’s travel together!

Balkan and especially Serbia is perfect for that, as you will find all this we mentioned.

Take your passports and goodwill, this is all you need…. In all the rest we shall be with you to help.

We wish a warm welcome to all our regular, as well as to new clients who will be discovering Serbia with HEDONIC TRAVEL.

We would like you to take this opportunity to get better acquainted with our company and our country.

Most travellers are looking for something new, authentic and Serbia for sure offers numerous attractions and a lot of history, tradition and good entertainment. We promise you a unique experience and a vacation to remember!

And now let us introduce you our country!


HEDONIC TRAVEL expert for:


Explorer and educational trips

Discovering beauties of travelling

Organization of events

Nautical tourism and natural beauties

International exchange

Cultural trips


Hedonic teach you to enjoy travelling!

Company history

Hedonic travel was founded in 1995. and is, at the present, one of the leading travel agencies with License A40.  It started as a small travel agency. Today is competing with the leading travel agencies and with sister company Dumeco for transportation has about 300 employees. The customer always comes first. We are offering competitive rates and quality. With us you will be secure.

Specialized to organize tours for clients from Asian market

Highly trained personnel, technical equipment and careful selection of partners in the country and abroad will make your trip to be exactly what you have and imagined. Quality of service will be imperative and customer satisfaction with our service star guidelines in business.

Our team enjoy in travelling. So, we decided to bring our experience and the joy we felt to our clients. Over the years we have brought enjoyment to more than hundred thousands of satisfied people. When you are on one of our tours, you should know that we have been to all those places and that we have checked all very carefully. We know that all our clients are hardly working all year round and that during their holiday they wants to be a part of an fairytale and our goal is to fulfill clients dreams.

We are specialized for organizing Balkan tours for Asian market, including Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania. So, please, join us!

Danube river cruises

We are a certified Danube Cruise Ship operator, offering sightseeing tours in Serbia. With experienced staff who organize excursions in Serbia for Danube Cruise Ship guests for many years.

One of the most charming ways to get to know cities along the Danube is an excursion with a Danube ship. River cruises enjoy increasing popularity last years. This way in a short time you could visit very easy few countries along the Danube river. The Danube flows into Serbia near Bezdan. The first Serbian city that the great river Danube reaches in Serbia is Novi Sad. The town is dominated by the fortress of Petrovaradin, one of the largest fortifications in Europe. Seventy kilometers downstream from Novi Sad lies Belgrade, capital of Serbia, with imposing Kalemegdan fortress. Further downstream from Belgrade you could see Smederevo, Veliko Gradiste, the fortress of Golubac, Donji Milanovac. The Iron Gate is the most spectacular gorge along the Danube’s course. Iron Gate (Djerdap gorge) is the longest and largest in Europe. The Djerdap gorge, formed a few hundred thousand years ago, by separating the mountain massif of the Carpathians, is the most beautiful part of the National park “Djerdap”, which occupies almost 64000 hectars and is located along the right bank of Danube. The gorge itself consists of several parts that make up one of the most beautiful scenes in this part of the world. At this place, the Danube changes its width, winds and falls to build a gorge of high rocky cliffs.